Hello, all; welcome back to another blog. We will tell you about one of the recent cases we are working on: Old lady left alone at RML Hospital.

Today we received a call in the morning in which we got information about an old lady who was alone at the hospital, and she was physiological ill. No one was there for her in the hospital 

the person who brought her here left her alone. Then we further investigated this case and tried to get more information about the old lady. After some time, we realised that she had one bag with her in which we got her aadhar card. We retrieved some information about her, and we got contact no her daughter.

After that, our team tried to contact her, but she did not pick our call. We even tried so many times to contact her, but she rejected our call. On the other hand, we talked with hospital staff and started her treatment. The next day, we received a call from her daughter, and we discussed all from her and asked her why she left her in that situation.

Then we came to know many more things about that lady. Her daughter is an NRI now. Her daughters told us that she had been taking care of her for a long time, but now the nature of that lady is changed. She has got some mental illness now she even tried to harm her daughter.

She told her she kept one attendant for her mother who is taking care of her all day. Still, her mother tried to attack her with glass, At last, she was fed up with this situation, and she paid all the bills of the hospital, and she wanted her to live in an old age house. Her daughter is ready to bear all her expenses but doesn’t want to live in India.

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