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Everything is in place for Indian Citizen but there is a group of people who finds it difficult to reach the places designed and specified by our Government. We have lots of schools and colleges but think about those who are struggling for basic requirement in life. There are people who needs to fight battle everyday for their survival. They cannot even think of anything else except food. Their life seems to be fun but actually it is not. They have molded themselves and don’t think much about future. But, if we go in deep they need utmost care. They need to be educated and need more attention as compared to any other group of society. We are in the process of finding such groups who need more attention and we are trying to make them aware about the importance of education and literacy in life. We need resources and funds in order to mobilize this campaign. This needs motivation beyond imagination. We even have few kids who are more than 14 years and never went to school.

Vikash Kumar


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