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Feed a Child

95.1 million children have been deprived of midday meals during the pandemic, adding to the child malnutrition load. Join our mission and provide monthly nutrition to ensure poor children are not malnourished. Just ₹1,000/month will safeguard one child from malnutrition.

Help Poor Women get Dignity

Poor women, especially in rural areas, struggle to get a clean piece of cloth to manage their period every month. There is a lack of awareness about menstrual health and hygiene. Your monthly support of ₹1200/- will save many women from incidents of helplessness and indignity

Educate an Underpriviledged Child

Empowering Humanity support schools for underprivileged children with the aim to equip children with literacy and skills that can enable them to gain employment and bring financial relief to their families. Just ₹1,200/month will safeguard one child future.

Support an Elderly

This programme comes as a ray of hope for many elders with no family, financial or social support at a cost of ₹2000/- per month. As a Sponsor your money will provide for their basic financial & medical needs.

Help the Animals

Empowering Humanity confront daunting obstacles every day in our mission to rescue, shelter and fight for the rights of animals. Show your love for animals by donating small amount of ₹500/- and vouch our courage, compassion and determination.


Featured project to built a World Class Home for Homeless Elderly

Homelessness and aging is a largely neglected topic in our Culture. There is a widespread assumption that aged homeless people are rare, but this is not true. Raise your Hand and contribute for a Good Cause.

Raised: 3,00,000
Goal: 50,00,000

Our Causes

Making a difference begins with sharing your kindness. Join us in the work or Contact us to know of more ways to help!
Empowering Humanity has carefully identified, selected and highlighted the pressing needs of the community. The causes selected fulfill immediate needs and requirements of the community

Women Empowerment

Legal Assistance in Domestic Violence, Sanipary Pad Distribution, Awarness Campaign, Anti Eve-Teasing Squad, Protection against Molestation.

  • 2,00,000Target
  • 70,000Raised
Children Empowerment

Child Education Camps
Motivational Camps / Sessions
Preventing Child Labour.

  • 3,50,000Target
  • 73,500Raised
Old Age Support

Old Age Home at Uttam Nagar, New Delhi
Social Work for Senior Citizens
Medical Care for Homeless Elderly

  • 3,00,000Target
  • 1,35,000Raised
Animal Welfare

Jeev Raksha Project - Assisting stray animals
Protection and feeding stray animals
Coordinating Medical Treament

  • 50,000Target
  • 40,000Raised
Fight Against Hunger

Distribution of ready food to needy people
Distribution of Ration to Needy People
Providing Pure drinking water to poors

  • 1,00,000Target
  • 60,000Raised

Assisting marriages of poor females
Donates to help a father to perform the auspicious ritual of kanyadaan

  • 5,00,000Target
  • 65,000Raised