Clothes and Slippers Distribution

Thank you everyone for the participation in Clothes and Slippers Distribution in Lucknow- Special Thanks to Mrs Krishna Saxena, Mr Sanjay Nigam, Mr, Alok Pandey, Mrs Manju Pal, Mr Paritosh Kumar Rajan, Vidushi, and Shilpi Saxena..Great Work for humanity

Raw Ration

Today, We have Distributed Raw Ration to Needy People in Dwarka Sector 12 Slum Areas/Juggis..

Used Clothes Donation Drive

Used Clothes Donation Drive in Dwarka/Uttamnagar Delhi… Join with us ..Make a difference, Make a Change.. https://fb.watch/98AuLs1Hfh/

Donation Drive in Slums

Donation Drive in Slums of Matiala Dwarka Sector 3..”By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent” https://fb.watch/98Apr-WQ9R/